The roasted nuts are strictly roasted, machine graded and sorted.  Nasnuts serve as a healthy snack for peanut lovers are found in 100 gram packets and made available for the local market.

Farma nuts

This is of first grade and holds the largest Kennels per pound (KPOs).  Farma nuts are well sized and good for home frying and other domestic use.  These sized and biggest kernelled groundnuts are found in 1 kg packets countrywide.

Zikometso Hot Chillie Sauce

The Chillie based Zikometso Chillie Hot Sauce is processed at WASFO ’s Chillie processing plant in Nigeria District. Zikometso Hot Chillie Sauce is locally known as a great addition to the meals of most households among the locals and is sold in Benin’s outlets.

Farmer's Pride

These are grown in Niger and Cabo Verde Districts. There are two varieties mainly available and these are; red beans and sugar beans. The beans are hand graded then packed and they serves as one legume delicacy in most Africans households. These beans are also exported to regional countries.