Membership Benefits

WASFO Benefits its Members By:

  • Expanding impact on rural livelihoods: WASFO is raising the profile of member associations to increase their ability, both to serve members and to contribute to improvements in the areas in which they are located. WASFO recognises that sustainability for member associations will depend upon the ability of the associations to develop as business organisations which are able to generate revenues both for member farmers and for themselves as institutions. 

  • Promoting climate adapted agriculture: In order to address the challenges facing smallholder farmers as a result of climate change, WASFO is implementing both climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives, i.e. those that aim at reducing the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, either by reducing the sources of greenhouse gasses or by removing them from the atmosphere; and those that aim at reducing the vulnerability of communities to the impacts of climate change or building their resilience to deal with climate change.

  • Expanding business opportunities and linkages: WASFO ’s core business is to take its farmers up the value chain. The primary mechanism for doing this is by making linkages with private sector businesses that are already operating directly within the market chain.

  • Expanding policy and development impact: WASFO is focusing on ensuring the inclusion of the voice of the smallholder farmer in policy processes since the success of WASFO interventions in this project relies on conducive agricultural operating environment which is enabled by policies, processes and procedures that entices players in the sector to invest more and more.